Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Favorite Super Hero #3 Letterbox Clues

This is the third super hero in the series. This is one of Loverboy’s favorite super heroes. This super hero does not feel like a super hero, but sees him/herself as something else. This super hero can be moody, but overall is a great person! You may have seen this super hero in some major motion pictures over the last couple years.  Can you guess who it is?

Starting point: Park in the parking lot near a worldly structure in Forest Park.

Clue Directions:

The Symbol (Box #1)

Look for the Concourse Dr. sign. At this sign, you will see white concrete path going towards the worldly structure, start walking on this path. Continue walking on this path until you reach some straw-like grassy plants. At this point, turn right onto the grass and walk along the grassy-straw plant line until it ends. Travel downhill to the pictured tree.

At the pictured tree, look with the base of the trunk deformity and you shall find the symbol.

The Experiment (Box #2)

From the pictured tree, travel downhill to the asphalt pedestrian path where it runs along a wooden area.  Walk into the wooded area to the following pictured tree.

Facing the pictured tree, take a compass reading of 340 degrees. Walk about 40 steps in that direction to an uprooted tree.  Search around the root-end of the fallen tree. Under bark, sticks, and leaves, you will understand the experiment of this super hero. 

NOTE: Please be extremely stealthy when retrieving boxes in this park as it is very busy. Please re-hide better than found! Thank you and let me know how our super hero is doing!


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